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Atheist Conference West Bengal

The first atheist conference of the state was held on Sunday 17/3/2024 at Chaitanyadham Nabadwip. on the atheist stage. Delegates came from different parts of the state, Assam, Tripura and even Bangladesh.
Sourastra Das addressing the Atheist Conference

Historians say that a renaissance started in Bengal under his hands. Under the influence of Caitanya, social, cultural and especially religious notions were shattered. The first atheist conference of the state was held in Nabadwip on Sunday. on the atheist stage. Delegates came from different parts of the state, Assam, Tripura and even Bangladesh.

300 people attended the atheist conference

‘We deny the existence of God ‘- The people of Nabadwip were a bit surprised to see the march with huge flexes. Atish Dipankar, a Buddhist scholar, Raja Ballal Sen, the founder of the Kaulinya tradition, and Bakhtiyar Khilji, a Turkic invader, once walked the path of history in Nabadwip. Krishnananda Agambagish returned in search of the embodiment of Kali. Navanyaya has been practiced by Raghunath Shiromani and Buno Ramnath. On the same day, members of the atheist forum took out a march. He was a strong advocate of atheism.

Speaking on behalf of the entrepreneurs, Pratap Das said, “Atheism free from religious machinations is becoming a popular worldview. Many people are rejecting religious beliefs and adopting a secular approach to life. In India too, their numbers are increasing. A 2022 survey found that 18% of Indians do not believe in God. That’s about 20 million people. The number is staggering in the face of growing religious fundamentalism. ” Explaining the purpose of the platform, Pratap said, “One, the promotion and propagation of atheism in the path of science-minded culture. Two, creating public opinion to demand the enactment of a new anti-superstition law and its strict implementation. Third, the demand for the repeal of Article 295 (A) of the Indian Constitution, which is against freedom of speech. Fourth, the abolition of the caste system. You can say that this forum is about progressives, scientists, rationalists, humanists.”

The number of members of the Atheist Forum formed in 2023 is 60 so far. Explaining the definition of atheism, Kanishka Chaudhary said, “India’s atheist tradition is very old. Religion is multifaceted. But scarcity, crisis and powerlessness are one of the main sources of religion. Religion is actually the sigh of the oppressed, the heart of the heartless world and the opium for the people. Which gives imaginary happiness. Religion is a way of living based on that imaginary happiness. ” Riaz Hasan came to the conference from Bangladesh. “The Atheist Forum is not a place of any personal gain for us. This is a movement for the people. People can practice any religion in their personal space. But the state cannot have any religion. There are no doctors in hospitals. Schools are closed due to lack of teachers. But one after another, valuable religious institutions are being built under the patronage of the state. Atheists will speak out against it. There should be freedom of expression.”

Maharashtra Atheist Conference

Entrepreneurs said that along with Bengal, atheist conferences were also held in Maharashtra on this day.

West Bengal Atheist Conference Facebook Page

Maharashtra Atheist Facebook Page

By Sourastra das

Saurastra Das, General Secretary EHA Organization

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